LitePLATE™ LED License Plate Light

The LitePLATE™ license plate light provides bright illumination in a compact package. It can be installed on any type of vehicle or trailer. It is built to last using 100% solid-state shock and vibration proof circuitry, along with the highest quality materials to create a completely sealed waterproof housing¹.

In addition to the ultra-bright white LEDs, the plate light also integrates three rear facing red LED’s that can be wired as a third brake light². The stainless bracket is designed to mount behind any license plate with mounting holes 7″ on center. The bracket positions the polycarbonate housing about 2″ away from the license plate.

We also offer LiteDOT™ LED taillights.

1. Unit replacement warranty if any LED fails within 12 months.
2. When used as a third brake light, the unit should be mounted near the center of the vehicle or trailer.


  • Three ultra-bright white, and three red LEDs per housing.
  • High intensity LEDs deliver crisp, sharp light.
  • Unit appears black when off.
  • Housing made of high impact poly carbonate and a clear acrylic urethane lens.
  • Materials are UV stabilized to resist discoloration.
  • Solder seal connectors included for connecting to OEM wiring harness.

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Installation Instructions

LitePLATE LD-PL6 JK specific