TRU-Turn™ Steering Tie Rod kit for Jeep® Wrangler™ JK.

The TRU-Turn™ steering upgrade kit replaces the stock tie rod, providing additional strength, ground clearance and improved responsiveness. It eliminates the “floaty” feeling associated with stock steering.

The upgrade kit includes relocation brackets that mount on the steering knuckles. The brackets reposition the tie rod ends to accomodate the straight wheel to wheel tie rod. This is a 100% bolt-on kit that can be easily removed to return the vehicle back to stock for resale.

Take the upgrade one step further with the TRU-Turn™ Steering Stabilizer Relocation Kit. This kit relocates the stabilizer to be above the draglink placing it more out of harms way. While designed to work with the ORO Steering Stabilizer for JK, the kit works with any stabilizer that has approximately 8″ of travel, 1.375″ wide bushings and 1/2″ ID sleeves.

TRU-Turn™ steering upgrade kit features:

  • Solid straight 1.375″ heat treated chromoly tie rod.
  • Over 1″ increased tie rod ground clearance from stock.
  • Includes new Spicer tie rod ends.
  • Easily adjust toe-in by spinning tie rod.
  • Black E-coated to prevent rust.
  • Simple bolt-on installation.

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