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SwayLOC dual rate anti-swaybar system for the Polaris RZR 1000 models.

The SwayLOC anti-swaybar system is unique in that there are 2 individual torsion bars to deliver 2 different rates of control, and for the RZR applications OffRoadOnly has incorporated an electric actuator to allow for easy, shift on the fly adjustment from the driver seat.

Simply flip the Carling rocker switch to transition between firm setting for high speed control and soft setting delivering full articulation for extreme crawling action. The smart latching system will only engage in the firm mode when the chassis is in the level position.

The mounting brackets are designed to incorporate the stock mounting brackets as well as clamp on the RZR tubing framework to deliver the strongest mounting system possible.

SwayLOC is a 100% bolt on kit and typically can be installed in approximately 90 minutes. And since it is bolt on, it is also easily removed to be able to be transferred to another machine should the need arise.

This kit fits all Polaris RZR 1000 models that utilize the long rear suspension trailing arms, both Turbo and non-turbo models.

All of OffRoadOnly’s parts carry a 1 year warranty. Service parts are available, contact us for any and all questions.

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PLEASE NOTE: These kits are currently in production. We are expecting the first deliverables to be ready to ship early March. OffRoadOnly is offering these first 25 kits of this production at a special discounted rate, $1000 delivered to your door. Simply complete the purchase and payment for this item on our store, and your kit will be delivered in the order of which it was received. At the time we receive orders to fulfil the first 25 kits, we will cease the special price and resume the retail price from there forward. Feel free to contact us for any questions regarding this process.

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Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 40 x 6 x 8 in