ORO AiROCK air spring kit for JK Wrangler


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This kit consists of the 4 airsprings mounted to upper and lower mounts to bolt into the Wrangler JK.

It also contains the misc pieces that are part of the AiROCK kit to allow this to happen. Those include the rear brake line relocation brackets, the rear diff breather hose extension and the retaining hardware. Does NOT include provision for the front swaybar linkages.

This kit will include 50 feet of 1/4″ nylon airlines and the fittings to attach to the airsprings.

There will also be included the “First Aid Kit” of valves that are pushed onto each airline and then allow you to air up each airspring individually.

This kt does NOT include the Radflo shocks that are part of our AiROCK kit. Those can be ordered separately, along wtih the rear bar pin mounting kit recommended to install them in the JK chassis.

Please note: The Radflo shocks control both the compressed and extended lengths of the airspring range of motion and thereby protect the airsprings by not allowing them to over extend or over compress. AiROCK airsprings installed without our Radflo shocks will not be warrantied against damage caused by these conditions.


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Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 17 in