ORO Theft Deterrent System


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72% of vehicle thefts occur using keys that were lost, stolen, reproduced, or left in the car or other hiding place. 14% of thefts occur by breaking the ignition switch/steering lock. ADE Theft Deterant System Instructions included for 1997-06 TJ but will work on any 12 volt vehicle system. This kit is a simple way to require a secret swipe of a magnet to engage an electronic circuit. On the Wranglers as it was designed, the relay interupts the PDC relay circuit, and unless the magnet is swiped, the computer and fuel injection systems will not power up. The result, engine will crank but not fire, vehicle will remain where you parked it until the magnet is swiped. Custom application, determine which circuit you wish to disable, insert the ADE relay and the same protection will be just the same. The relay used is the common 5 pin relay, available at all auto parts stores. The harness is setup for a bypass, simply make a connection between two wires and the system is completely removed from the system. Easily installed by anyone handing with a wire crimper

ORO ADE theft Deterant


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