ORO York Compressor with Finned Head


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This is our new Heavy Duty York compressor modified specifically for air compressor operation.

This new york air compressor contains pistons with an oil control ring, steel cylinder sleeves, improved airflow inside the head chamber to allow for less oil intrusion and a finned head allowing for extra cooling.

This is a 10 cfm compressor, meaning at 1000 rpm it will deliver approximately 10 cfm of volume.

The back bearing plate is modified to utilize an installed sight glass. When mounted vertically, the proper oil level (10 ounces) will result in a level shown in the middle of the window.

This compressor is designed to be utilized in a vertical position. It may be layed down in 90 degrees to vertical, contact us to determine which side you will lay it as there is an internal process that may need to be modified.

This compressor is sold without a clutch. It uses standard York compressor clutches.

Clutches are available separately

Compressor ships with no oil in the crankcase. There is a bottle of oil included as well as a syringe kit to fill it and use in the future for service. There is also a dipstick included.


Warranty Info. This unit comes with a 90 day warranty. This warranty will cover manufacturing defects and workmanship, however it does not cover failure due to running the compressor out of oil, or failing to install the supplied oil and causing compressor failure.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 9 in