Off Road Only LiteSPOT Dome Light Relay Circuit


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LiteSPOTs Dome Light relay Circuit is designed to tie into the Wrangler JK dome light output circuit and turn on up to 2 separate circuits of LiteSPOTs, (one for under car and one for inside maybe?) This circuit utilizes the dome light output to trigger a relay that utilizes a separate power source to turn on a circuit of LiteSPOTs while the dome light is on and then will turn off when the dome light turns off. This circuit is capable or powering a total of 2 amps. If the current draw is greater than 2 amps, simply add a higher amp relay and use this circuit to trigger that.

Combine this with a couple of LiteSPOTs of your favorite color and when you walk up to your Jeep and hit the remote unlock you’ll light up the ground under your Jeep.

Dome Light Relay Circuit

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Dimensions 8 × 4 × 8 in