New application for SwayLOC!

OffRoadOnly is pleased to announce the availability of SwayLOC for Polaris RZR 1000 models.

It’s no secret these RZRs are finding their way out onto the trails that used to be primarily Jeep trails. With some of these trails extending 10’s to 100’s of miles thru varied terrain, these RZRs need to be able to exude good handling for the higher speed segments, but yet some of the obstacles take these amazing machines to their full range of articulation and for those, some users are removing their rear sway bars. Unfortunately, without a rear sway bar, the high speed stuff is down right dangerous.

This definition sounds very similar to our reasons for designing the dual rate SwayLOC for the Jeeps back in the early 2000’s.

On the RZR, we started by listening to current owners. Realizing there is some shortcomings with the factory sway bar mounting brackets, we opted to start by designing a bolt on bracket system that not only mounts the SwayLOC, but also re-enforces the mount by extending above and below the factory mount and clamping to the tubing that is the RZR framework.

The two modes of operation are selected by simply flipping a switch from the drivers seat. Flip the switch and the electric actuator moves the SwayLOC latch to either engage the firm bar for maximum control or disengage the firm bar for maximum articulation. This process takes just a second to transition and can be done while you drive, approaching or exiting an obstacle.

Below are a couple of pictures to display the difference during a segment of a trail that requires maximum articulation to keep all of the tires on the trail.

On the left, notice how equal the blue HCR trailing arms are, side to side. The engaged mode keeps the rear suspension equal side to side, providing that high speed control.

On the right, notice the extreme difference between these arms? Traveling this line with the SwayLOC disengaged results in all 4 tires crawling over the terrain, keeping traction far beyond the process on the left.

Want to learn more? Follow this link to Learn more about RZR SwayLOC