LiteSPOT™ Rock Lights

LiteSPOTs™ are compact 12 volt DC LED spot lights with an integrated magnet for easy mounting and relocation. Put them just about anywhere. Use them as rock lights, under the hood as a trouble light, or for additional interior lighting.

Each unit has a permanently attached 24″ wire lead in a submersible, corrosion proof and impact resistant package. They are available individually, in pairs or in an Under Chassis Kit.

The Chassis Kit, or Rock Light Kit, consists of eight spot lights, a lighted rocker switch, and all of components needed to create a complete wiring harness to outfit a vehicle. The kit includes instructions for suggested wire routing and placement, although they can be installed in any desired configuration.


  • Contains 3 high intensity LEDs.
  • Impact resistant solid polyurethane construction.
  • Fully sealed water and corrosion proof design.
  • Compact 1.375″ diameter & .5″ thick size weighing less than an ounce.
  • Low power, drawing about 175 milliamps at 12 volts.
  • Strong embedded magnet for easy mounting.
  • Through hole with a self tapping screw provided for optional hard mounting.
  • Optional mounting brackets, allow for mounting to round tubing, and adjusting the lights

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