LiteDOT™ LiteBOX

The LiteDOT™ LiteBOX is the slickest way to stop the turn signal fast flash issue  with the 2007-current Jeep® Wrangler™ JKs

We designed this product to fix the Fast Flash problem that exists on Jeep Wrangler JK’s (2007-2014 models) when you swap to the LED taillights, like our LiteDOTs. The solution to keeping the flashers working properly is to keep the load of the turn signal bulb in the circuit. These aluminum boxes allow you to unplug the taillight bulb socket from the stock taillight and attached it to the LiteBOX opening. This will hold the bulb away from the wiring and other things inside the fender well while allowing the bulb to operate normally. This solves the fast flash solution. Simply wire your LED taillights in the harness between the bulb socket and the OEM connector for the taillight harness. Product comes with 2 LiteBOX’s, 4 retaining clips and 2 self drilling screws. Note: The harness pictured in the photos is a stock taillight harness. This is shown for clarification processed only, this is NOT included in the kit. If you have had this removed from your Jeep, a call to your local Jeep dealer will get you new ones.

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Off Road Only LiteBOX Fast Flash Fix for ALL Wrangler JK’S