The only way to stop Jeep Wrangler JK Hood Hop completely!
The current models of Jeep® Wranglers™ have an issue known as ‘Hood Hop’. Aerodynamics results in the hood hopping while simply driving down the road. Airflow over the hood creates a negative pressure causing it to hop up and down. Sometimes the hood moves far enough to require the hood hook to hit the secondary catch to stop it. Driving into an aggressive headwind on a two lane road and meeting another vehicle may cause the hood to hop aggressive enough to scare the crap outta ya!
The Hop-Stopper is constructed of all stainless steel which results in years of performance with little effect due to the elements. The installation is straight forward with the Hop-Stopper mounting below the steel structure that the hood hook catches when you open the hood. There are 2 holes on the top that are used for the installation. There is a fixture included to drill these two holes thru the lower part of the steel structure to complete the installation. Once drilled, simply insert the supplied hardware and assemble the Hop-Stopper in place. Now you will simply need to move the lever towards the front to unlock it. And after you close the hood, slide the lever rearward to lock it into place.

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