Finally, A York Compressor designed for Air Operation

We have found a better mousetrap!  OffRoadOnly would like to announce that effective immediately, the York compressor shown in these images is available and will be the standard in our On Board Air kits.

This new compressor boasts many improvements, from the easy to notice finned cooling head to the sight glass on the rear for easy oil level checking when its mounted in a vertical position.

However, the most important feature  you may never notice. Inside the body there has been a couple more modifications made, and these are what make this York compressor such a great performer.

The first thing that is noticeable upon removing the head is the steel cylinder sleeves. No longer do we have a single piston wearing on an aluminum cylinder. With the steel sleeves, the piston fits more consistently over a wide range of temperatures, but the most important part is how the pistons seal to the cylinders. There is a completely new piston inside these compressors, and that piston has not only a tighter gapped compression ring for less blow-by, but also contains a second ‘oil control ring’, that helps to keep the oil inside the compressor, rather than in the tank.

While our testing has shown only a slight increase in flow over a standard York compressor, the miles that we have logged have definitely shown that the most impressive feature of these new compressors is the ability to keep the oil in the compressor.

All of our kits, which mount a York compressor on 2000-2017 Wranglers, for the 4.0L, 3.8L, and 3.6L respectively, now include this new compressor. As such, the body and clutch of this new compressor is identical to the standard York, so it will bolt in place of any existing York compressor. The head design does change the outlet fittings necessary to accommodate our standard parts. Should you wish to order thru our store, simply note in the comments section while placing your order which application you are mounting this on and if you have an OffRoadOnly complete air supply system. If you do we will be able to include the necessary fittings to integrate into your existing system. If you’re not sure, state that in the comments section, and we will email you looking for a picture of your setup, to aid you in completing the connections.

Be sure to check out our full line of bolt on York On Board Air supply kits. You may also order a bracket kit and York, and simply plumb the system yourself should you wish to do so.

OffRoadOnly York On Board Air