Compressors and Mounts

If you want a more sensible and solid compressor setup, then there is no better way to do so than with our compressor bracket kits. Our bracket kits are designed to incorporate the compressor as an intergral part of the engine. Currently we offer compressor bracket kits for Jeep® Wrangler™ TJ, LJ, and JK models. The kits work with any York compressor.¹ We also offer brand new, not rebuilt, York compressors individually if all you need is a replacement compressor.

For the 2012-13 JKs our innovative direct drive mounting brackets position the compressor to run off of the crankshaft balancer pulley without using a belt.

For all other models our unique mounting brackets position the compressor to run off of the main engine belt. This added advantage allows the existing belt tensioner to be used to maintain proper tension. This elminiates the possibility of excessive wear from an over tightened belt. The factory belt is replaced by a longer belt and re-routed using an additional idler pulley, both commonly available standard parts.

1. Compressor must have a 6 rib clutch to work with the main engine serpentine belt.

Compressor bracket kit features:

  • Entirely bolt-on.  No welding or cutting required.
  • The belted versions:
    • Continually delivers proper belt tension at any operating temperature.
    • The additional idler pully is a stock Jeep component.
    • The serpentine belt commonly available at any parts store
  • The TJ/LJ version relocates the alternator closer to the engine, providing more clearance for the air box and hood.  It works with both standard and larger welder sized alternators.

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Compressors and Mounts